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......@@ -48,6 +48,10 @@ This can be
*${XDG_DATA_DIRS}* includes multiple directories starting with *${XDG_PROFILES_DIR}/${XDG_PROFILE}/data/*
(in general *${XDG_DATA_HOME}* is set to *${HOME}/.local* and *${XDG_DATA_DIRS}* to */usr/local/share:/usr/share*)
Other XDG environment variables set are *${XDG_CASE_HOME}* and *${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}*.
They are described in
Each XDG desktop profile is stored in its own XDG_CONFIG-directory (e.g. */etc/xdg/xdg_profiles/\<profile\>/*) and inherit configurations from the desktop profiles 'default' and the linux-distribution-defaults in */etc/xdg*.
Hence, a new XDG desktop profile might consist only of some additional desktop icons, a different background image or an new sub-menu for the application menus added on top of the default profile.
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