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update todo file

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* "vncserver -profile" darf nur Profile in ${XDG_PROFILES_DIR} anzeigen, welche nicht 'hidden' sind.
* call /etc/bashrc in, weil manche User eine sehr sehr alte bashrc haben und diese kein Update bekommt.
* list all profiles with 'vncserver -profiles'
* link gtk-bookmarks to ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/gtk-3.0/bookmarks
* merge ${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS}/gtk-3.0/bookmarks in ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/gtk-3.0/bookmarks
* add places $WORK und $ARCH in ${XDG_PROFILES_DIR}/default/gtk-3.0/bookmarks
* have default-module for ParaView
* adjust icon positions on desktop
* change Llview icon
* Terminal-Nachrichten an User anzeigen (write, wall)
- Idee: 1) xterm versteckt (devilspie2) laufen lassen und dort 'screen -L' starten
(screen muss zwingend im Vordergrund laufen, damit Nachrichten auch im Log landen)
2) mit anderem Script das modify-date und file-size der Logdatei pollen
wenn: Größe > 0 und letzte Änderung länger als 1 Sekunde vergangen
(Zeitversatz um 1sec: wollen verhindern, dass Nachrichten abgegriffen werden, bevor sie komplett ins Log geschrieben wurden)
dann: Inhalt der Logdatei anzeigen und Logdatei leeren/löschen.
* share VNC session with one-time-password
* list all profiles with 'vncserver -profiles'
* infoterm-scontrol-default zeigt jobs auf jureca
* infoterm-llq-default zeigt jobs auf juqueen
* infoterm-cpuquota-default zeigt cpuquota auf JURECA/JUQUEEN
......@@ -28,9 +17,6 @@ ToDo:
* replace unset ${!XDG_*} with explicit unsets as we should avoid to unset XDG_SESSION_ID and XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
* cleanup before session close - close infoterms so they we can allow a session to be saved
- create a wrapper for xfce4-session (
* disconnect from idle clients after 24h
- IdleTimeout=... (see Xvnc -help)
- vncconfig -display :1 IdleTimeout=...
* kill vncserver after certain time
- timeout command on bash
* troubleshooting VNC timeouts
......@@ -51,10 +37,28 @@ ToDo:
- set TVNC_MT to 1
- set TVNC_NTHREADS to number of threads to use ( = 4)
- set VGL_NTHREADS to number of threads to use ( = 4)
enable "-interframe"
Passing an argument of -noreverse to vncserver will disable the ability to make outbound (reverse) connections from the TurboVNC Server session.
If the no-reverse-connections directive is set in the TurboVNC security configuration file,
then that has the effect of enabling the -noreverse option for all new TurboVNC sessions that are started on the machine.
For these reasons, interframe comparison is not enabled by default and should not generally be enabled
except on bandwidth-constrained networks and with applications for which it can be shown to be beneficial.
Interframe comparison can be enabled by either passing an argument of -interframe to vncserver when starting a TurboVNC Server session
or by requesting a compression level of 5 or higher from the viewer (see below.)
lossless refresh
To perform a lossless refresh, press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-L or click on the Lossless Refresh toolbar icon.
ALR behavior
You can override the default ALR behavior, thus making all screen regions eligible for ALR,
by setting the TVNC_ALRALL environment variable to 1 on the TurboVNC server machine prior to starting a TurboVNC session.
You can also set TVNC_ALRCOPYRECT to 0 to make CopyRect regions ALR-ineligible, which approximates the behavior of TurboVNC 1.2.1 and prior.
work in progress:
* autokill noch nicht sauber implementiert (jj-Adims)
* start vncserver with "nice" (jj-Admins)
- IdleTimeout=... (see Xvnc -help)
- vncconfig -display :1 IdleTimeout=...
* automatischer Logout nach 24h (jj-Admins)
......@@ -74,3 +78,8 @@ done:
* Login-Message beim Start in eigenem Fenster anzeigen
* check mime-types and their default applications -> location is ${XDG_DATA_DIR}/mime/packages
* (devilspie2:2933): Wnck-WARNING **: Received a timestamp of 0; window activation may not function properly. (disabled focus_window())
* call /etc/bashrc in, weil manche User eine sehr sehr alte bashrc haben und diese kein Update bekommt.
* have default-module for ParaView
* change Llview icon
* Terminal-Nachrichten an User anzeigen (write, wall)
* adjust icon positions on desktop
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