Commit a23e5252 authored by liadomide's avatar liadomide

TVB-2598 Fix wrong import

parent 7652a119
......@@ -36,13 +36,13 @@ import os
from uuid import UUID
import tvb_data.surfaceData
import tvb_data.regionMapping as demo_data
from tests.framework.conftest import time_series_region_index_factory, operation_factory
from tvb.core.neocom import h5
from tvb.tests.framework.core.base_testcase import TransactionalTestCase
from tvb.core.entities.file.files_helper import FilesHelper
from tvb.datatypes.surfaces import CORTICAL
from tvb.adapters.visualizers.brain import BrainViewer, DualBrainViewer, ConnectivityIndex
from tvb.tests.framework.core.factory import TestFactory
from tvb.tests.framework.conftest import time_series_region_index_factory, operation_factory
class TestBrainViewer(TransactionalTestCase):
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