Commit ed0ae581 authored by lukas leufen's avatar lukas leufen

solved key error bug

parent 5f47e92b
Pipeline #45964 passed with stages
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......@@ -786,8 +786,8 @@ class PlotTimeSeries:
def _plot(self, plot_folder):
pdf_pages = self._create_pdf_pages(plot_folder)
for pos, station in enumerate(self._stations):
start, end = self._get_time_range(self._load_data(self._stations[0]))
data = self._load_data(station)
start, end = self._get_time_range(data)
fig, axes, factor = self._create_subplots(start, end)
nan_list = []
for i_year in range(end - start + 1):
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