Commit 95b71422 authored by lukas leufen's avatar lukas leufen

test for save model was still erroneous

parent bc989d62
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......@@ -205,14 +205,14 @@ class TestTraining:
assert ready_to_train.model.history.epoch == [0, 1]
assert len(glob.glob(os.path.join(path, "plots", "TestExperiment_history_*.pdf"))) == 2
def test_save_model(self, init_without_run, path, caplog):
def test_save_model(self, init_without_run, model_path, caplog):
model_name = "test_model.h5"
assert model_name not in os.listdir(path)
assert model_name not in os.listdir(model_path)
message = PyTestRegex(f"save best model to {os.path.join(path, model_name)}")
message = PyTestRegex(f"save best model to {os.path.join(model_path, model_name)}")
assert caplog.record_tuples[1] == ("root", 10, message)
assert model_name in os.listdir(path)
assert model_name in os.listdir(model_path)
def test_load_best_model_no_weights(self, init_without_run, caplog):
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