Commit 93bcdd7c authored by lukas leufen's avatar lukas leufen

little cleanup

parent 64467572
...@@ -3,19 +3,12 @@ __author__ = 'Lukas Leufen' ...@@ -3,19 +3,12 @@ __author__ = 'Lukas Leufen'
__date__ = '2020-07-17' __date__ = '2020-07-17'
from src.helpers import to_list, remove_items from src.helpers import to_list
from src.data_handling.data_preparation import StationPrep from src.data_handling.data_preparation import StationPrep
from src.data_handling.advanced_data_handling import AbstractDataPreparation, DefaultDataPreparation from src.data_handling.advanced_data_handling import DefaultDataPreparation
import numpy as np
import xarray as xr
import pickle
import os import os
import shutil
import inspect
from typing import Union, List, Tuple from typing import Union, List
import logging
from functools import reduce
number = Union[float, int] number = Union[float, int]
num_or_list = Union[number, List[number]] num_or_list = Union[number, List[number]]
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