Commit 57b2a4b1 authored by lukas leufen's avatar lukas leufen

Merge branch 'lukas_issue070_bug_wrong-model-plot-path' into 'master'

Resolve "BUG: wrong model plot path"

Closes #70

See merge request toar/machinelearningtools!64
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......@@ -100,5 +100,5 @@ class ModelSetup(RunEnvironment):
def plot_model(self): # pragma: no cover
with tf.device("/cpu:0"):
file_name = f"{self.model_name.split(sep='.')[0]}.pdf"
file_name = f"{self.model_name.rsplit('.', 1)[0]}.pdf"
keras.utils.plot_model(self.model, to_file=file_name, show_shapes=True, show_layer_names=True)
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