Commit 109e51d9 authored by lukas leufen's avatar lukas leufen

rename DefaultModel to VanillaModel

parent c9591fe2
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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ from typing import Union, Dict, Any, List
from src.configuration import path_config
from src import helpers
from src.run_modules.run_environment import RunEnvironment
from src.model_modules.model_class import MyLittleModel as DefaultModel
from src.model_modules.model_class import MyLittleModel as VanillaModel
DEFAULT_STATIONS = ['DEBW107', 'DEBY081', 'DEBW013', 'DEBW076', 'DEBW087', 'DEBY052', 'DEBY032', 'DEBW022', 'DEBY004',
'DEBY020', 'DEBW030', 'DEBW037', 'DEBW031', 'DEBW015', 'DEBW073', 'DEBY039', 'DEBW038', 'DEBW081',
......@@ -345,7 +345,7 @@ class ExperimentSetup(RunEnvironment):
# set model architecture class
self._set_param("model_class", model, DefaultModel)
self._set_param("model_class", model, VanillaModel)
def _set_param(self, param: str, value: Any, default: Any = None, scope: str = "general") -> None:
"""Set given parameter and log in debug."""
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