Commit c5263d7e authored by jan vogelsang's avatar jan vogelsang

The visualization workflow container using the apt package manager

parent dbde0741
......@@ -8,16 +8,21 @@ Stage: build
cd /home/ && git clone
for i in `seq 2 2 $#`; do
for i in `seq 3 2 $#`; do
eval first=\${$i}
eval second=\${$j}
/home/source/ /home/source $first $second $1
eval second=\${$j}
/source/ $first $second $1 1
Author Jan_Vogelsang
Version v1.0
The visualization workflow container using the apt package manager, making cdo non-threadsafe, therefore always only using 1 thread.
This container preprocesses a data file in the netcdf format for subsequent visualization.
TAs first argument the longitude to center the dataset around has to be provided.
The third and fourth to (n-1)th and nth arguments have to be a couple of one input and one output path for an existing dataset which will be written to the ouput path and filename after finishing preprocessing. To access datasets it is advised to use the --bind /your/input/path:/mnt parameter when running the container.
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