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## How-To
### Create/build the container
The container will be built using a definition file called _vis-workflow.def_.
$ cd singularity
$ sudo singularity build vis-workflow.sif vis-workflow.def
To build the container we head into the _singularity_ directory and build a
container called _vis-workflow.sif_ (.sif = Singularity Image File).
### Run the container
The container can be run using the _run_ command on our built container.
$ cd singularity
$ singularity run --bind ../data:/mnt vis-workflow.sif 0 1 /mnt/ /mnt/ /mnt/ /mnt/
We will run the container in the _singularity_ directory. To access the test
datasets inside of the container, we bind the path into the container.
As first argument we will use 0 as starting longitude and 1 as second argument
representing the amount of threads. The following arguments are pairs of input
and output paths for the test datasets. These will be directly read from and
written into the _data_ directory.
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