Commit 2d090d3a authored by Andreas Beckmann's avatar Andreas Beckmann

add background image example

parent dca172b8
\frametitle{An image in the background}
Some text in front of the background image.
...@@ -67,6 +67,22 @@ ...@@ -67,6 +67,22 @@
\end{center} \end{center}
\end{frame} \end{frame}
\frametitle{Background Images}
\framesubtitle{On Standard Frames}
\item The next slide shows an image, embedded into the background of the frame layout.
\item The background image is automatically cropped to the frame dimensions.
\begin{block}{How to install a background image}
\section{Beamer Block Constructs} \section{Beamer Block Constructs}
\subsection{Theorem, Proof} \subsection{Theorem, Proof}
\begin{frame} \begin{frame}
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