Commit da3ddab5 authored by Jens Henrik Goebbert's avatar Jens Henrik Goebbert

add "closed source"

parent 004af51c
......@@ -144,11 +144,11 @@
"There are a large number of different *OTP-Apps* available that implemented the *TOTP algorithm*. \n",
"You have to install **one of them** - for example, take one of the following: \n",
"Recommended, Free & Open-Source:\n",
"Recommended, free & open-source:\n",
" - [**FreeOTP**]( ([iOS](, [Android]( \n",
" - [**KeeWeb**]([Windows](, [macOS](, [Linux](, [online](\n",
"Free, but closed source:\n",
" - [**Authy**]( ([iOS](, [Android](, [Windows](, [macOS](, [Linux]( \n",
" - [**Protectimus Smart OTP**]( ([iOS](, [Android]( \n",
" - [**Google Authenticator**]( ([iOS](, [Android]( ) \n",
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