Commit 9f4b942f authored by Mohcine Chraibi's avatar Mohcine Chraibi

files in trajectory are absolute

parent a777be34
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......@@ -861,10 +861,10 @@ bool MainWindow::addPedestrianGroup(int groupID,QString fileName)
// try to parse the txt file
else if(fileName.endsWith(".txt",Qt::CaseInsensitive))
QString source_file= wd + QDir::separator() + SaxParser::extractSourceFileTXT(fileName);
QString ttt_file= wd + QDir::separator() + SaxParser::extractTrainTimeTableFileTXT(fileName);
QString tt_file= wd + QDir::separator() + SaxParser::extractTrainTypeFileTXT(fileName);
QString goal_file=wd + QDir::separator() + SaxParser::extractGoalFileTXT(fileName);
QString source_file= SaxParser::extractSourceFileTXT(fileName);
QString ttt_file= SaxParser::extractTrainTimeTableFileTXT(fileName);
QString tt_file= SaxParser::extractTrainTypeFileTXT(fileName);
QString goal_file=SaxParser::extractGoalFileTXT(fileName);
QFileInfo check_file(source_file);
if( !(check_file.exists() && check_file.isFile()) )
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