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JPSreport v0.7
# JPSreport v0.7
## Running
>> ./JPSreport.exe ./xxx/xxx/ini_bottleneck.xml"
......@@ -10,28 +9,41 @@ Running
From the command line trajectory files mentioned in the inifile will be analysed by using the methods and parameters in the inifile.
The output results will be saved in the sub-folder of the folder where the inifile exists.
### Added
## Added
- Added four demos as examples for using JPSreport
- Added the option for specifying the location of scripts in configuration file.
- Embedded python scripts for plotting N-t diagram (Method A), time series of density/velocity diagram (Method C and D) and Voronoi diagrams (Method D).
### Changed
- Changed name of some variables in configuration file.
measurementAreas ---> measurement_areas
Length_in_movement_direction ---> length_in_movement_direction
useXComponent ---> use_x_component
useYComponent ---> use_y_component
halfFrameNumberToUse ---> frame_step
timeInterval ---> frame_interval
measurementArea ---> measurement_area
outputGraph ---> output_graph
individualFDdata ---> individual_FD
cutByCircle ---> cut_by_circle
getProfile ---> profiles
scale_x ---> grid_size_x
scale_y ---> grid_size_y
## Changed
- Changed name of some variables in configuration file:
**measurementAreas** ---> **measurement_areas**
**Length_in_movement_direction** ---> **length_in_movement_direction**
**useXComponent** ---> **use_x_component**
**useYComponent** ---> **use_y_component**
**halfFrameNumberToUse** ---> **frame_step**
**timeInterval** ---> **frame_interval**
**measurementArea** ---> **measurement_area**
**outputGraph** ---> **output_graph**
**individualFDdata** ---> **individual_FD**
**cutByCircle** ---> **cut_by_circle**
**getProfile** ---> **profiles**
**scale_x** ---> **grid_size_x**
**scale_y** ---> **grid_size_y**
- Changed the data type of frame rate (fps) from integer to float
- Changed the way for dealing with pedestrian outside geometry. In old version JPSreport stops when some pedestrians are outside geometry but now it continue working by
......@@ -39,17 +51,6 @@ removing these pedestrians from the list.
- More than one sub rooms in one geometry can be analysed independently.
### Fixed
## Fixed
- Fixed bug for dealing with obstacles inside geometry.
- Fixed bug for dealing with obstacles inside geometry.
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