💚 fixing compilation errors

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......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ bool Method_D::Process (const PedData& peddata,const fs::path& scriptsLocation,
vector<int> ids=_peds_t[frameNr];
vector<int> IdInFrame = peddata.GetIdInFrame(frameNr, ids, zPos_measureArea);
// vector<int> RealIdInFrame = peddata.GetRealIdInFrame(frameNr, ids, zPos_measureArea);
vector<double> XInFrame = peddata.GetXInFrame(frameNr, ids, zPos_measureArea);
vector<double> YInFrame = peddata.GetYInFrame(frameNr, ids, zPos_measureArea);
vector<double> VInFrame = peddata.GetVInFrame(frameNr, ids, zPos_measureArea);
//vector int to_remove
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