Commit c4c2ecc0 authored by Ulrich Kemloh's avatar Ulrich Kemloh

removing the unix specific implementation of the xml-binary.

parent 99e3e941
......@@ -541,26 +541,6 @@ void Simulation::RunFooter()
// writing the footer
//temporary work around since the total number of frame is only available at the end of the simulation.
if (_argsParser.GetFileFormat() == FORMAT_XML_BIN)
delete _iod;
_iod = NULL;
//reopen the file and write the missing information
// char tmp[CLENGTH];
// int f= frameNr / writeInterval ;
// sprintf(tmp,"<frameCount>%07d</frameCount>",f);
// string frameCount (tmp);
//char replace[CLENGTH];
// open the file and replace the 8th line
//sprintf(replace, "sed -i '9s/.*/ %d /' %s", frameNr / writeInterval,
// _argsParser.GetTrajectoriesFile().c_str());
//int result = system(replace);
//Log->Write("INFO:\t Updating the framenumber exits with code [%d]", result);
void Simulation::ProcessAgentsQueue()
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