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Merge branch '281-continuous-walls' of...

Merge branch '281-continuous-walls' of into 281-continuous-walls
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<JuPedSim project="Subway-Project" version="0.7"
<!-- seed used for initialising random generator -->
<!-- geometry file -->
<!-- trajectories file and format -->
<trajectories format="xml-plain" fps="8">
<file location="traj6.xml" />
<!-- where to store the logs -->
<doors> <!-- doors states are: close or open -->
<door trans_id="1" caption="NaN" state="close" />
<door trans_id="2" caption="NaN" state="close" />
<door trans_id="3" caption="NaN" state="close" />
<door trans_id="4" caption="NaN" state="close" />
<door trans_id="5" caption="NaN" state="open" />
<door trans_id="6" caption="NaN" state="open" />
<door trans_id="7" caption="NaN" state="close" />
<door trans_id="8" caption="NaN" state="close" />
<door trans_id="9" caption="NaN" state="close" />
<door trans_id="10" caption="NaN" state="close" />
<door trans_id="11" caption="NaN" state="close" />
<door trans_id="12" caption="NaN" state="close" />
<door trans_id="13" caption="NaN" state="close" />
<door trans_id="14" caption="NaN" state="close" />
<!--persons information and distribution -->
<agents operational_model_id="3">
<group group_id="01" agent_parameter_id="1" room_id="0" subroom_id="1" number="20" goal_id="-1" router_id="1" />
<group group_id="02" agent_parameter_id="1" room_id="103" subroom_id="2" number="20" goal_id="-1" router_id="1" />
<!-- These parameters may be overwritten -->
<model operational_model_id="3" description="Tordeux2015">
<linkedcells enabled="true" cell_size="2"/>
<force_ped a="2" D="0.1"/>
<force_wall a="5" D="0.02"/>
<agent_parameters agent_parameter_id="1">
<v0 mu="1.34" sigma="0.0" />
<v0_upstairs mu="0.668" sigma="0.167" />
<v0_downstairs mu="0.750" sigma="0.188" />
<v0_idle_escalator_upstairs mu="0.5" sigma="0.0" />
<v0_idle_escalator_downstairs mu="0.5" sigma="0.0" />
<bmax mu="0.25" sigma="0.0" /> <!--Bmax=bmin=amin und atau=0, damit Kreise-->
<bmin mu="0.25" sigma="0.0" />
<amin mu="0.25" sigma="0.0" />
<atau mu="0." sigma="0.0" />
<tau mu="0.5" sigma="0.0" />
<T mu="1" sigma="0.0" />
<model operational_model_id="4" description="gradnav">
<floorfield delta_h="0.0625" wall_avoid_distance="0.4" use_wall_avoidance="true" />
<linkedcells enabled="true" cell_size="4.2" />
<force_ped nu="15" b="0.25" c="3.0" />
<force_wall nu="0" b="0.70" c="3.0" />
<anti_clipping slow_down_distance="0.8" />
<agent_parameters agent_parameter_id="1">
<v0 mu="1.2" sigma="0.0" />
<bmax mu="0.15" sigma="0.001" />
<bmin mu="0.15" sigma="0.001" />
<amin mu="0.15" sigma="0.001" />
<tau mu="0.5" sigma="0.001" />
<atau mu="0.0" sigma="0.001" />
<router router_id="3" description="ff_quickest">
<!-- extra routing information -->
<!-- <navigation_lines file="events_routing.xml" /> -->
<router router_id="2" description="global_shortest">
<!-- extra routing information -->
<!-- <navigation_lines file="events_routing.xml" /> -->
<router router_id="1" description="ff_global_shortest">
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