add goals file to txt trajectory

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......@@ -358,9 +358,36 @@ std::string getSourceFileName(const std::string & GetProjectFile)
std::string getGoalFileName(const std::string & GetProjectFile)
std::string ret="";
TiXmlDocument doc(GetProjectFile);
if (!doc.LoadFile()) {
Log->Write("ERROR: \t%s", doc.ErrorDesc());
Log->Write("ERROR: \tGetSourceFileName could not parse the project file");
return ret;
TiXmlNode* xRootNode = doc.RootElement();
if (!xRootNode->FirstChild("routing")) {
return ret;
//load goals and routes
TiXmlNode* xGoalsNode = xRootNode->FirstChild("routing")->FirstChild("goals");
TiXmlNode* xGoalsNodeFile = xGoalsNode->FirstChild("file");
ret = xGoalsNodeFile->FirstChild()->ValueStr();
Log->Write("INFO:\tGoal file <%s> will be parsed", ret.c_str());
return ret;
void TrajectoriesFLAT::WriteHeader(long nPeds, double fps, Building* building, int seed, int count)
std::string sourceFileName = getSourceFileName(building->GetProjectFilename());
std::string goalFileName = getGoalFileName(building->GetProjectFilename());
(void) seed; (void) nPeds;
char tmp[100] = "";
sprintf(tmp, "#description: jpscore (%s)", JPSCORE_VERSION);
......@@ -373,7 +400,8 @@ void TrajectoriesFLAT::WriteHeader(long nPeds, double fps, Building* building, i
sprintf(tmp,"#sources: %s", sourceFileName.c_str());
sprintf(tmp,"#goals: %s", goalFileName.c_str());
Write("#ID: the agent ID");
Write("#FR: the current frame");
Write("#X,Y,Z: the agents coordinates (in metres)");
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