Commit 2e7c66ad authored by Mohcine Chraibi's avatar Mohcine Chraibi

Change condition for adding to source queues

- Stop source thread if max sim time is reached
- Don't put agents in sources, before the content of queues is generated
- in the _building
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......@@ -119,9 +119,12 @@ public:
* Return the total number of agents that will be generated.
* used by visualisation to allocate space
long GetMaxAgentNumber() const;
int GetMaxSimTime() const;
void SetMaxSimTime(int t);
......@@ -173,6 +176,7 @@ private:
std::vector<std::shared_ptr<AgentsSource> > _sources;
///to control the trigger of the events
long int _lastUpdateTime = 0;
int maxSimTime = 0;
/// building object
Building* _building=nullptr;
/// whether all agents have been dispatched
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