Commit 16cae90d authored by Arne Graf's avatar Arne Graf

formula draft

parent cfa18800
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ other agents only to a certain degree (as described in ).
\Delta\vec{v}\quad= & \quad\Delta t\cdot\vec{v}_{res}\\
\Delta\vec{x}\quad= & \quad\Delta t\cdot\vec{v}_{res}\\
\vec{v}_{res}\quad= & \quad\bigg(1-\frac{1}{2}\bigg[\langle\vec{v}_{n},(-\nabla distances)_{n}\rangle+\big\vert\langle\vec{v}_{n},(-\nabla distances)_{n}\rangle\big\vert\bigg]\bigg)\cdot\vec{v}_{n}\\
\vec{v}_{n}\quad= & \quad g\big(\quad g(\vec{v}_{ff})+g(\underset{\small i}{\sum}\vec{v}_{repP,i})\quad\big)\\
\vec{v}_{ff}\quad= & \quad v_{ff}(\vec{x})
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