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Commit 130fe748 authored by Ozaq's avatar Ozaq
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Fix clang 8 build

Building::AddTrainType was calling
void OutputHandler::Write(const char* message,...) with a non-trivial
type std::string. See clang doc for this diagnstic:
parent 6798f0e4
......@@ -1275,13 +1275,10 @@ bool Building::AddGoal(Goal* goal)
return true;
bool Building::
AddTrainType(std::shared_ptr<TrainType> TT)
bool Building::AddTrainType(std::shared_ptr<TrainType> TT)
if (_trainTypes.count(TT->type)!=0) {
Log->Write("WARNING: Duplicate type for train found [%s]",TT->type);
Log->Write("WARNING: Duplicate type for train found [%s]",TT->type.c_str());
_trainTypes[TT->type] = TT;
return true;
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