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    train interface (#409) · ea1fbaf7
    Mohcine Chraibi authored
    * Add files via upload
    * Add files via upload
    * WIP: Interface of trains
    * Parsing train tables and types
    - Parsing these information in two separate files
    - Format in #300
    * Adding train information to building
    * Fix bug in parsing train doors
    * New direction strategy 12 trains
    * new train direction strategy
    * open/close doors according to train time table
    * correct distance calculation for train doors
    * adapt xml format of train_types
    * Change structure of Train_Type with length
    * Add platform data structure
    - timetable has platform_id
    * bug in parsing wall's type
    * Flag existance of train constraints
    * Data structure ready for train arrivals
    * Hack to keep agents without goal in the simu
    * Avoid SegFault in Router
    * platforms have pointer to subroom (not id)
    * Reset changes to geometry
    * Debugging: SegFault after adding Trans
    * Refactoring simulation and init router
    still does not work!!
    * First Working train schedule
    - Works only for model=3 + ff_quickest + strategy 8
    - Later will be extended to other models
    * write train files in trajectory txt
    * set type of newy added trans (track)
    * Remove trans also from Building
    * Regulate flow through trains
    * Implement second case to handle curved geometries
    * Fix bug while erasing from vectors
    * timestamp vtk-files
    * Last part of correct train geometry
    * Silence some warnings from router
    * Transform coordinates of doors relatively to track
    * disable some warnings
    * bug in train doors (wrong id incrementation)
    * Changed to ReInit router
    geometries may change during simulation
    * Fix problem of intersection of doors
    Sometimes train's doors are exactly on the edges of walls.
    This commit fixes this problem.
    * path issues with trajectories
    this commit solves issues addressed in:
    - #324
    - #326
    * flow name for case rate
    * adapt test to new flow file
    * write out all files with abs path
    - Changes to  ProjectRootDir: probable side effects.
    --> needs testing
    * Fix a compile problem
    * inifile can be original structure now
    * np.linspace is used in master_ini file
    * refactoring parse header and fixing CI
    * remove unnecessary files
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