Commit df9edb33 authored by Federico Rossi's avatar Federico Rossi

SVE test added

parent 593b0dfc
#include <iostream>
#include <arm_sve.h>
#endif /* __ARM_FEATURE_SVE */
void daxpy_1_1(int64_t n, double da, double *dx, double *dy)
int64_t i = 0;
svbool_t pg = svwhilelt_b64(i, n);
// [1]
svfloat64_t dx_vec = svld1(pg, &dx[i]);
svfloat64_t dy_vec = svld1(pg, &dy[i]);
svst1(pg, &dy[i], svmla_x(pg, dy_vec, dx_vec, da));
i += svcntd();
pg = svwhilelt_b64(i, n);
while (svptest_any(svptrue_b64(), pg));
int main() {
\ No newline at end of file
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