Commit 367af959 authored by Jacopo De Amicis's avatar Jacopo De Amicis

Corrected error on --gw_file option.

parent 3cd5eca1
......@@ -125,10 +125,14 @@ The psgw plugin for the ParaStation management daemon extends the Slurm commands
.. code-block:: none
--gw_num=number Number of gateway nodes
--gw_file=path Path to the gateway routing file
--gw_file=path of the routing file
--gw_plugin=string Name of the route plugin
A routing file will be generated in $HOME/psgw-route-$JOBID. The routing file is automatically removed when the allocation is revoked.
A routing file will be generated in $HOME/psgw-route-$JOBID. With the option ``gw_file`` a user-defined absolute path for the generation of the routing file can be specified:
.. code-block:: none
srun --gw_file=custom-path-to-routing-file --gw_num=2 -N 1 -n 1 hostname : -N 2 -n 2 hostname
PSGWD Routing
......@@ -138,13 +142,6 @@ When a certain number of gateway nodes is requested, an instance of psgwd is lau
By default, given the list of Cluster and Booster nodes obtained at allocation time, the system assigns each one of the Cluster node - Booster node pair to one of the instances of psgwd previously launched.
This mapping between Cluster and Booster nodes is saved into the routing file and used for the routing of the MPI traffic across the gateway nodes.
With the option ``gw_file`` an absolute path to a user-defined routing file can be specified:
.. code-block:: none
srun --gw_file=$HOME/custom-route-file --gw_num=2 -N 1 hostname : -N 2 hostname
**Currently not available, will be available again with the next update:**
Since creating a routing file requires knowledge of the list of nodes prior to their allocation, it is more convenient to modify the logic with which the node pairs are assigned to the gateway daemons.
This can be done via the ``gw_plugin`` option:
......@@ -191,9 +188,6 @@ Cluster node Booster node Gateway node
============ ============ ============
PSGWD Gateway Assignment
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